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Every driver must complete a Forklift Daily Inspection checklist before utilizing the machine.   Any faults found during the checks must be recorded on the checklist and reported to management before utilizing the machine.   Management will confirm if the machine can still be used.       OPERATIONAL SAFETY CHECKS Watch out for pedestrians.

8 Point Container Inspection Procedure   Purpose: To verify the physical integrity of the container structure prior to loading   Procedure:   The below Eight-point interior and exterior inspection process must be done for all containers entering the premises:   Vents (Weighbridge Staff)   Front wall (Weighbridge staff) – Whilst on the weighbridge inspect front

We are proud to assist… Botswana has been facing an unexplainable phenomenon where Elephants are dying in their numbers without cause or reason. Jacobs Transport is working hand in hand with veterinary experts in a project to translocate elephants to a saver location out of harm’s way. The project is translocating 20 bull elephants to

Good Day It has come to our attention that a company called “Jacobs Shipping Containers” as per below details, is using our Company address details fraudulently. This criminal deception has caused some of this fellow’s poor “customers” to arrive at our premises expecting to collect containers they believe they had “bought”. Managing Director Terrence Pillay


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