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With our Tipper division, we can transport Chrome, Manganese, Magnetite, Iron Ore, and Pig iron. Our Tipper fleet consists of Side tipper links with the state-of-the-art lightweight design that are capable of super payloads up to 40 tons.

At Jacobs Transport we embrace technology and use it to our advantage.  Each one of our drivers is equipped with a tablet, and a cell phone, we are in constant contact via WhatsApp and phone calls.  We have ensured that our signing-on-glass technology is perfected and speeds up the receipt of POD’s and therefore we can provide invoicing much sooner. Our Drivers are tasked by our Controllers directly onto their tablets and are able to follow the special instructions displayed as well as route guided to the correct locations.

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In keeping with the advanced technology strategy, each one of our vehicles are fitted with 4 cameras (live) as well as Telematics tracking ensuring that our operators remain in 24/7 control of the fleet. We can provide our customers with secure, efficient logistics. This has made us a valuable logistics service provider with a good name to large mines/contractors throughout South Africa.

The quality management system ISO9001: 2015 has been introduced and implemented during 2016. By following this internationally accepted standard for quality management to streamline our business, we feel confident of handling the internal as well as the external environment to the mutually beneficial advantage of our clients and the Company.

Following advantages and main focuses in our business:

  • We have implemented appropriated management systems
  • The procedures are controlled and documented
  • Our staff is knowledgeable and competent that are guided by the appropriate systems as defined by documented procedures
  • We have a business that is structurally well maintained
  • Have defined basis for “continually improving”

All of this amounts to our service offering meeting the client’s required needs with the least amount of hassles.

Quality is inherent as a natural consequence of our process management! 

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Subcontracting for Jacobs Transport

As a Fleet Owner we are able to assist you with managing your fleet and providing you with loads.

We as Jacobs Transport will be able to manage your fleet as if it were our own.

We are currently assisting companies such as yours by staying in touch with the drivers as we do with our own.

We pride ourselves in our Customer contacts within the industry that grants us the ability to maximize loads per month and in so doing ensures higher profit margins.

We have shown that we can control fuel consumption with our drivers and this experience is also beneficial to your fleet when we care for it.

  • We can also supply fuel to you at a preferential rate.
  • Our workshop can also assist with quotation on repairs or breakdowns.
  • We provide you with clear and actionable monthly reports

Jacobs Transport believes strongly that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We try collect as much data as possible and from various independent sources. Management sits at least weekly with below reports to identify and correct any red flag events.

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  • More than 20 years’ expertise in a very specialised field
  • Machine moving & Rigging
  • One-stop shop for Abnormal Loads
  • Permits and escorts as well as route approvals
  • Border Clearance to all neighbouring countries and into Africa
  • Hazardous Chemicals transport certified
  • Explosives transport certified
  • An ISO 9001: 2015 Compliant Company


  • Sidelifters
  • Lowbeds (Abnormal)
  • Rollbacks
  • Extendable Trailers
  • Links & Flat Decks
  • Crane Trucks of various sizes and reaches
  • Hidrokon - 165ton truck mounted crane
  • & lots more

Simply put, Jacobs Transport’s strives to be a reliable and ethical company providing our clients with the most efficient service possible. Our biggest assets are our professional and dedicated staff and state of the art equipment. We value our clients, suppliers and service providers and will honor our commitments in line with this mission statement.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


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