Flexibility is key to the success of Jacobs to cater for all our clients’ requirements. We constantly rejuvenate our fleet and add, in short, we can supply:

• 3 ton to 36 ton range crane trucks
• 18 ton to 32 ton truck tractors with flat deck and dropsides
• vehicle mounted cranes,
• dangerous goods vehicles
• abnormal load vehicles

Jacobs offers a comprehensive fleet enhanced by a pool of carefully selected and highly skilled drivers and crew providing customer service of the highest levels. This comprehensive fleet consists of the following configurations:

Truck Type Default Trailer Size Crane Lifting Capacity Optional Trailer Size Max Transport Capacity (STD Trailer) Max Transport Capacity (OPT Trailer)
Rigid Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks 6m 2,2t - 3,5t 6m 5t 12t
Heavy Truck Tractor Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks 12m 5,5t - 6t 6m 10t 24t
Rear-Mount Crane Trucks 6m 6t 12m 6t 18t
Heavy Rear-Mount Crane Trucks 6m 7t - 13t 10m 12t 22t
Truck Tractor Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks 12m 3t 6m 24t 32t
No Crane Tri-axles 12m NA 6m 24t 32t
Sidelifters 12m 28t NA 28t NA
Heavy Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks NA 10t - 27t 6m - 10m NA 10t
Lowbed No Crane Double Diff Trucks AV Combo NA AV Combo 45t 75t
Forklifts NA 3t -5t NA NA NA
Stepdeck No Crane Double Diff Trucks 12m NA NA 24t NA
Rollback Rigid Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks 6m 2,8t 6m 7,5t 15t
Extendable Heavy Behind Cab-Mount Crane Trucks 12m - 18m 13t NA 24t - 15t NA
Truck Mounted Mobile Crane Trucks NA 5,6m (26,8t); 24,7m (4,4t) NA NA NA


Jacobs Driver training aims to develop, facilitate and improve driver competence in order to meet the Company and Industry expectations.

Jacobs Transport provides training programs with Jacobs’s own training material on following key areas:

  • Conveying of Dangerous Goods
  • Rigging and Lifting Equipment
  • Operate and safe handling of cranes

Jacobs also ensures that all drivers pass a medical examination on an annual basis.


Live tracking systems are used to improve driver behaviour as well as improve security.

Jacobs has a Tracking Department which tracks and monitors all Jacobs vehicles. The Tracking Department has a full fleet tracking system where each vehicle in the Jacobs fleet has a tracking unit as well as a backup unit installed. Each unit is linked to the central tracking system where Tracking Controllers have visibility of the location of each vehicle. Each driver has contact with the Tracking department and his allocated Route Supervisor via cell phone for back up purposes.

Throughout every trip, a tracking report can also be pulled from the tracking system where the route of the vehicle is shown as well as the behavior of the driver in terms of speed, harsh breaking, any stops made and over revving. These reports can be pulled from the system during as well as after a trip.

This system provides the following detail:

  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Measures traveling speed
  • Measures vehicles fuel levels
  • Highlights any vehicle abuse (Over revving, Harsh breaking and Cold Starting)
  • Customised reports can be pulled on any driver or vehicle variable
  • Additional benefits of the use of the tracking system are the following:
    • Vehicles fuel consumptions are improved
    • Vehicles engine life is pro-longed, as abuse is reduced


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


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