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Do you have a container that you need to be moved? Well then, get in contact with Jacobs Transport today! Founded in 1999, we boast unrivalled industry experience and are seen as industry leaders in our sectors. We offer container movement services both nationally as well as cross-border container transportation services


As the world becomes increasingly globalized, container transport has become an essential mode of shipping for many businesses. Container units, either 6M or 12M, are specifically designed to match international transport rules of the road. Ships, harbours, and trucks are designed to comply with the basic box design. 


Jacobs Transport’s main type of freight has always been moving Containers and doing so with specialised vehicles like Side Loaders/Sidelifters able to lift up to 36 tons in a very level and safe way.

Our Customers’ requirement has grown over the years and so has Jacobs Transport’s capabilities to satisfy their needs accordingly. For example, placing a container office unit over a tree on the fairway at a golf tournament. This feat can only be mastered by using massive cranes.


Crane trucks and Sidelifters are important vehicles in the container shipping industry. They are also used to place containers in stacks at ports and in warehouses. All our trucks are registered at coastal and inland ports and are Remover in Bond (RIB) haulier certified with SARS. We can assist with returning the empty container once unpacked.

Ideally cranes are used for container stuffing and destuffing at your client’s premises. Heavy machines can be unpacked and rigged into position at the factory.

Our low-mast, low emission forklifts are ideal to destuff containers for smaller items.

Parkhome Transport, E-House Transport, Mobile Office Transport, and Storage container moves all form part of this industry and have different requirements when being transported, please ensure to specify the type of container to your transporter. 

Need to move a container? Call us on  010 200 9946 



  • More than 20 years’ expertise in a very specialised field
  • Machine moving & Rigging
  • One-stop shop for Abnormal Loads
  • Permits and escorts as well as route approvals
  • Hazardous Chemicals transport certified
  • Explosives transport certified
  • An ISO 9001: 2015 Compliant Company


  • Sidelifters
  • Forklifs
  • Step Decks
  • Multi-Axles
  • Lowbeds (Abnormal)
  • Rollbacks
  • Extendable Trailers
  • Links & Flat Decks
  • Crane Trucks of various sizes and reaches
  • Hidrokon - 165ton truck mounted crane

Simply put, Jacobs Transport’s strives to be a reliable and ethical company providing our clients with the most efficient service possible. Our biggest assets are our professional and dedicated staff and state of the art equipment. We value our clients, suppliers and service providers and will honor our commitments in line with this mission statement.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


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