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In cargo transportation, an abnormal load is any load that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway, freeway or other transport infrastructure, such as air freight or water freight. In South Africa, this is known to transportation companies as abnormal cargo. Examples of oversize/overweight loads include construction

crane truck loading slab

The time may come when you notice your manufacturing business has outgrown your facility. This may mean a facility expansion or new construction to improve infrastructure or modify production areas. Perhaps even a complete plant relocation will be necessary. In any of these events, it is crucial to ensure the safe relocation of your valuable

Shipping containers have revolutionized the way cargo is transported between countries worldwide. The use of shipping containers has not only helped in ensuring the safety of the cargo but has also improved the overall cargo carrying capacity. As a result, shipping containers of different types are being built and used for transporting a variety of

container lifted by crane truck

Cranes of any type, are the most efficient aid when it comes to meeting any lifting requirement. Mostly designed to lift heavy weight objects, cranes are considered to be simple machines with various attachments like wire ropes, drums, chains and a telescopic boom on the platform. There are several factors that influence your choice of


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