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Privacy Policy Last updated: June 28, 2021 This Privacy Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of Your information when You use the Service and tells You about Your privacy rights and how the law protects You. We use Your Personal data to provide and improve the Service. By using

Purpose: Hand washing and hand sanitizing for hand hygiene is the act of cleaning one’s hands with water and soap for the purpose of removing soil and dirt and thereafter using a sanitizing liquid to remove microorganisms to prevent contamination.  Scope: This outlines the procedure for proper hand washing and sanitizing. Procedure: Upon entering the

FAKE NEWS ALERT Please take note that Jacobs Transport has not amended our bank details and the indicated letter is fake news. Please feel free to contact us in the following number for any queries: 010 200 9946

PURPOSE: To prevent the calculation of inaccurate Verified Gross Mass (VGM) because of faulty weighing equipment.   RESPONSIBILITY: Weighing Operator   PROCEDURE: A faulty scale will be reported by the weighing operator as per his operating procedure.   Corrective action in case of faulty weighing equipment: Stop use of the scale immediately.   Demarcate the


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